What is everyone doing on spring vacation? Travel?Schoolwork?Clean?Spend time with friends?
Mrs. Boes
3/31/2010 03:53:16

I will be painting my daughter's closet and cleaning out the basement. I want to get ready to sell my house so I can move to Gobles. I hope to go see The Last Song movie. I read the book and loved it.

Adrian Vermerlen
8/30/2010 05:40:09

Hi, it me that right. Well it been a borning summer so far nothing to
do that sucks.I want to get a picture
of our class in 2009. Were doing here well. I cann't wait for to school to start. My class this year is the new teacher. What you doing so far.
For me I'm just working on some thing for school. Aj will be in Mis.Stambek. I hope school go well then last year.It was so scary when we had a lockdown. Jason and Tyler were should follow the rule. My cousin is going to teach me break dancing. Will you tell MIs. Stambek and Mis. Cook that I said hi.

Your 2009 steund,
Adrian Vermeulen

P,S, Sorry I miss spelled. :]

travis chandler
9/16/2010 22:43:59

my summer was great

Jeffrey Conwell
12/4/2010 08:33:29

My summer was a great! Mrs.Boes my cousin said that she saw The Last Song and said"it was a great movie and she wishes to read the book". By the way during my summer I got to go to Pirates Island! When it was my little brothers birthday party we got to go to my grandmas house and celebrate his birthday we had a lot of fun. Most of the summer I played video games I played two specific games called Madden 10 and Call Of Duty Modern Warefare 2. Their both really fun games if you play them but Call Of Duty is probly to violent for kids 10 and under but it probly wouldn't aprove for adults. I also went to Travis Chandlers house alot to we liked to play football and play hide-and-seek with our little brothers. One time when we were playing football Travis tackled me and I hurt my neck really bad it felt like I broke my neck. When we played hide-and-seek I was really good at it because they could never find me. I would giggle alot during that time. By the time of Augest football season started. Our team had about 32 kids I think. One time during football season I fliped Tyler Allen White onto his head and he said that I gave him a concussion. Some of the people on my team were happy but alot of them were mad at me for hurting him but my coaches were really impressed. When school came I pretty disappointed that school started but I was also kinda happy because I was getting really board. The teacher that I got was really nice and a good teacher her name is Mrs. Boes she's about my second favorite teacher of all time. And at the end of the first marking period my grades were A,A,A+,A,B+,A+,A+. By the time of the conferences my mom and dad went to the conferences by themselfs. Mrs. Boes said "that I was a great student and have great grades. So that's pretty much my summer and a little bit of my school year. I hope that all of the people that read this enjoy it! BYE BYE!!!!!

12/4/2010 08:38:20

I LOVE summer!!!!
My summer was GREAT!!!!


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