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11/17/2010 07:58:14 am

Im really glad that the conferances are over. I was so scared that i would have done bad or something, but I dont have to worry because you (Mrs.Boes) said I was a great student.

jeffrey conwell
12/4/2010 11:36:52 pm

When the conferances started I was a little bit scared. So when my mom and dad went to the conferance I didn't go. When my mom got there you (Mrs.Boes) said.
"That I was a very great student and helped other kids on their work". When my mom came home she said the exact same thing that Mrs.Boes said. My mom said That she was really proud of me.

3/9/2011 06:15:48 am

i was wondering if u could help me put my historical fiction book report on my website. i have most of it done, just need to add some stuff!


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