Well, now that the story is over, tell me what you like or didn't like about the story. Did you learn anything by reading the story? Answer with a 7-9 sentence paragraph. Good job everyone!!
Prediction Time!!! Where do you think they will get a baby for the play?  What do you think will happen at the final play performance?
Share your thougths about the story. Your blog must contain 7-9 sentences. You must also comment on one other student's blog.
Have you ever tried out for a part in a play, musical or competition? If so, how did you prepare? How did you feel right before your audition? How did you feel after the audition? Give examples. 7-9 sentences.
Give an example of when you tried to trick someome into doing something or not doing something.
Chapter 1 talked about the Herdman's and how they bullied other kids at school.  Write a blog discussing if you have ever bullied anyone or have been bullied.  Then respond to three other comments.  Use full sentences, capitals and punctuation.  This is for your participation credit.