Who is your favorite Tall Tale character?  Give me three reasons why you like the character.
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What is your favorite mystery movie or book? Why did you like it. Please comment on others choices.
What is everyone doing on spring vacation? Travel?Schoolwork?Clean?Spend time with friends?
Compare and contrast our new novel to the one we just finished. Write  one sentence for the compare and one sentence for the contrast.
Well, now that the story is over, tell me what you like or didn't like about the story. Did you learn anything by reading the story? Answer with a 7-9 sentence paragraph. Good job everyone!!
Prediction Time!!! Where do you think they will get a baby for the play?  What do you think will happen at the final play performance?
Share your thougths about the story. Your blog must contain 7-9 sentences. You must also comment on one other student's blog.